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Take Your App To The Next Level: 8 Important Mobile App KPI’s


Let’s Boost That KPI, Shall We


Some mobile app key performance indicators (KPIs) matter, others do not. This is something you need to start thinking about when in the mobile app development phase itself. So, what are those important points that you should monitor in order to make sure that your app is on the right track? Here are your most valuable KPIs.



  • Downloads


This is, so far, one of the basic ways to monitor your mobile app’s performance. You need to track this information carefully, an on a regular basis.


  • Number Of New Users


This data helps you understand your user base. Are they growing or not? Are you getting more users as a result of some specific event? Are your advertisement campaigns and app improvements paying off?



  • Daily Active Users


This specific KPI identifies the number of active individuals who use your app every day.


  • Monthly Active Users


This specific KPI displays the number of active individuals who use your app monthly. Make sure to monitor your unique visitors.



  • Retention rate


Retention rate determines how many users stay loyal to your mobile app. What if you end up with a high retention rate? Then, that means you’re providing your users with real value. The higher your retention rate, the more profit you can get.


  • Uninstalls


This may sound harsh, but you also need to monitor this. At some point, some people may uninstall your app. Brace yourself. Understand why this happens, and make some points for improvement.



  • Organic Conversion Rate


Organic conversion rate is the conversion rate through unpaid discoveries. How many people actually found your mobile app through several word of mouth mentions, then started utilizing it?


  • Paid Conversion Rate


Paid conversion rate is the conversion rate achieved through display ads, social media ads, sponsored posts and paid ad campaigns.